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Mistaken for Muslim

`Mistaken for Muslim´ist eine künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit antimuslimischem Rassismus in den USA von Anida Yoeu Ali . Ali bringt die Mittel von Video, Sound und Spoken Words zusammen um politisch einzugreifen.

`Mistaken for Muslim´ ist Teil des Projekts 1700% Project.

The 1700% Project is conceived as a collaborative project utilizing art as intervention. Specifically, the 1700% Project strategically intervenes against the racial profiling and rise of violence and hate directed at Muslims in a post 9/11 era. The project challenges monolithic stereotypes of a “Muslim” identity while acknowledging the significance of historical persecution.The number 1700% refers to the exponential percentage increase of hate crimes against Arabs, Muslims and those perceived to be Arab or Muslim since the events of September 11, 2001. [Hintergrund von 1700% Project]

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